Your advantages

  • decentralised und efficient
  • low-maintenance
  • fully automated operation



OptiGas - air / steam blown gasifier with gas turbine

Only gasification allows to convert solid biomass to reach high efficiency in combined heat and power generation in the decentralized sector.

Due to this Seenova has developed an fluidized bed gasifier which was optimized and tested and ready for market entry.

Gasification features

  • Fluidized bed gasifier:
    The biomass to be gasified is brought into a bubbling fluidized bed with very homogenous reaction conditions.
  • Water vapor as gasification agent:
    Instead of air (autothermal gasifier) a mixre of air and steam is used as gasification  agent. this provides an optimum quality of the produced gas.

OptiGas - efficient and flexible

OptiGas is a water vapor gasifier with fluidized bed technology connected to a gas turbine to produce combined heat and power. It is charged with biomass (e.g. wood chips) or waste material (e.g. dried sewage sludge).

This combination of gasifier with a gas turbine - i.e. "a solid fuel fired gas turbine" - enables electrical efficiencies of power generation with biomass up to now not realized.

Increase of Efficiency

The direct coupling of the OptiGas gasifier with the gas turbine is increasing the overall efficiency (from the fuel to the generator) considerably. With this it is possible for the first time to convert biomass into electric power with an efficiency up to now only achievable with natural gas.


OptiGas - applications and product strategy

The thermal gasification of biomass - especially with water vapor as gasification agent - is considered a a key technology for future energy systems and biorefineries. 

OptiGas enables the provision of popular products from biomass currently in demand, such as

  • power and heat production by means of cogeneration
  • provision of storable energy carriers, e.g. hydrogen
  • conversion of the gas to substitute natural gas (SNG) or synthetic fuels (BTL - biomass to liquid)
OptiGas - Range of application

The wide range of feedstocks for gasification and the various possibilities for the transformation steps results in a multitude of applications and products.