OptiPro: Combustion control

For industrial power plants, which burns production waste together with other fuels, the combustion zone has to be designed carefully regarding the bandwidth of the heating values of the combustible materials, to avoid restrictions in profitability in the future.

The potential of the variability of the endzone of the freeboard in OptiCOM-Boilers can only be used fully with OptiPro, an air management control system. 

Schnitt durch eine OptiCOM-Wirbelschichtfeuerung


  • Optimized combustion management.

  • Control of freeboard temperatures (to avoid contamination by softening of the ashes).

  • Minimum losses by flue gas.

  • Good part load performance.        

  • Dynamic combustion chamber adjustment.

OptiPro guarantees a totally automatic management of combustion, even during fuel changes. This enables:

  • Excellent emission levels due to complete burnout.
  • High efficiency of the boiler, due to the minimization of excess air.
  • Prevention of ash deposition on heat surfaces through temperature limitation in the freeboard.

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