OptiCOM: Fluidized bed combustion system

A fluidized bed is an ideal method for the combustion of diverse and challenging solid fuels. 

Steenova's OptiCOM steam generator is an important step towards the perfection of combustion technology for solid, wet and muddy biogenic waste. For heat ballance reasons the bubbling bed combustion chamber is integrated in a high pressure steam generator.



  • Fuels with an ample bandwidth: fragmented size, heating value, moisture and dust content
  • Suitable for fuels with low ash melting point
  • Resistant to clogging due to open nozzle grid; continuous cleaning during operation
  • High efficiency due to outstanding heat transfer in the freeboard and combustion control by OptiPro for low exess air
  • Automatic operation, even during fuel-change
  • Operating hours a year: >8000 h

Working areas

  • Fuel input:                      2 - 100 MW        
  • Heating value:               4 -   18 MJ / kg 
  • Steam parameter:        up to 120 bar, 520° C

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