Dr.-Ing. Thomas Steer
Chief Executive Officer
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Your advantages

  • high fuel flexibility
  • low emissions
  • boiler efficiency > 92 %
  • operating hours per year > 8000h



OptiCOM – Operational areas

Unique feature of the OptiCOM combustion chamber (sand bed with a high heat-capacity), together with a well-directed designed freeboard and an adequate management of the air for combustion, provides OptiCOM the possibility of a wide range of operation.

OptiCOM fuel flexibility

One of the advantages of the OptiCOM fluidized bed combustion system is its vast combustion flexibility of multi fuels. The diagram shows the fuels which have been used until now and their calorific values. As the ash softening temperature decreases towards the right, there will be a greater risk of corrosion in the combustion chamber. OptiCOM technology is capable of burning fuels with low calorific value and with low levels of ash softening.


Customer-specific plant design

OptiCOM plants allow a wide spectrum of fuels; the operational characteristic can be adopted to the customers needs.

Typical OptiCOM emissions

OptiCOM boilers fully comply with the emission standards of the European Union. The measured values are even undercut considerably.